Live Health Liberty Expo

          October 4th, at Liberty University’s annual Live Healthy Liberty Expo, LUPHSA members, and leadership joined various other campus departments, local health and wellness organizations, and vendors as part of a campus-wide initiative to promote health education, resources, and opportunities. The event targeted campus students, faculty, and staff, by providing on-site health screenings and health, wellness, and fitness activities. LUPHSA hosted four health information booths for the event. Members, Guimy Castor, Hedrick Chung, Sarafina Cooper and Thais Jardim, researched and prepared an original poster for Zika virus disease, highlighting real-time data and updates on the emerging disease. In addition, the team created an original poster for oral health and prepared set ups for breast and testicular cancer for areas of women and men’s health. The Live Health Liberty Expo was a great opportunity for LUPHSA graduate and undergraduate members to volunteer their time, and create relationships with the campus community through outreach that promoted health, wellness and disease prevention.

-by Sarafina Cooper


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