Ledo Pizza Fundraiser

On January 31st, 2017, LUPHSA started off the New Year right with a fundraising event at Ledo’s Pizza! This fundraising event among members, friends, and faculty not only served as a way to raise money for the mission of LUPHSA, but as a way to practically be the hands and feet of Christ through our interactions with the community. The Ledo’s Pizza fundraiser was carefully planned and executed by LUPHSA’s fundraising coordinator, Victoria Ramos, not only on January 31st, but once previously in Fall 2016 as well. Her dedication, along with the support of LUPHSA members and community members, lead to two successful fundraising turnouts; LUPHSA received 20% of all sales from this establishment between the hours of 5:00-9:00pm during each event day. But most importantly, it is the desire of LUPHSA to be able to serve the community better through future public health outreaches with the money that we raise during these fundraising events. We look forward to what this semester has in store!

– By Kristy Gonzalez

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