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We are contributing to a community in Richmond, Virginia called the Mixtecos, an indigenous community from Mexico. This project started from a partnership between Nuevo Amanecer, Iglesia Bautista Conexión, and the Public Health program at Liberty University. It was spearheaded by Daniela Ortega, a student in the master’s of public health. We are hoping to continue these partnerships and contribute and help the Mixtecos of Richmond.

Who They Are:

  • Indigenous community
  • Approximately 3,000 in Richmond, Virginia
  • May speak Spanish or Mixtec
  • Third largest indigenous group in Mexico
  • Some may not be able to read or write

What Was Done:

  • Partnered with Nuevo Amanecer and Iglesia Bautista Conexión from Richmond
  • Hosted a health fair on December 5th, 2015
  • Distributed questionnaires to participants
  • BMI and blood pressure data collected


  • About 75 people surveyed
  • Main problems:
    • High blood pressure:
      • Males: majority pre-hypertensive to hypertensive
      • Females: normal
    • BMI:
      • 33.0 for males (ranges:15.1-46.8)
      • 27.8 for females (ranges: 19.7-40.9)
    • Family planning:
      • 68% did not use any form of birth control
    • Access to medical insurance and health care:
      • 97% stated that they did not have medical insurance